Hi penguin pals,

Waddle Penguins Island is a place where your possibilities don't end. New adventures, new friends, new places to explore. A community that grows every day and changes every second. Something out of your mind. A way to express yourself in the way you like. Via emojis, clothes, interactions.

Based on the sentence “There's always something to discover.” we decided to make a change to our brand, our look, and our design.
The fonts visible on the new, redesigned banner are different, representing the community and the way that it's always different. It represents two different themes, too. It can represent everything you want.

For the colour palette, we decided to go with a white-based colour and a pale blue. In the logo we wanted to show a tribute to “Club Penguin”, the game where it all started, so we went with the blues and greens from the game's mobile spin-off logotype.

We hope you'll enjoy our new style, design, and branding. We're always open for your opinions on our Discord platform. Stay safe and have a lovely day or night.
❤️ from your friends at Moonlight Studios.

Waddle On!